Welcome to BOS GmbH & Co KG

You want to improve your organization or introduce new management systems in your company? Then you should get to know BOS GmbH & Co KG!

BOS GmbH & Co KG is a consulting company focussing on strategy development, management systems and process management. We work for small businesses and corporations in technical industries such as automotive and mechanical engineering or electrical engineering.
You are in the best hands at BOS GmbH & Co KG, whether your company is a service provider, a business or a corporation.

Discerning quality advice

We satisfy you with services from which you profit immediately! BOS GmbH & Co KG offers you innovative, practical solutions and always with the highest possible benefit. We support you individually through consulting, project management and training. The results are impressive: you improve customer satisfaction, increase the efficiency of your business processes and eliminate effects such as waste or power loss.

Systematic optimization

Through various improvement measures, BOS GmbH & Co KG adjusts value flows of your company relating to customers and costs. We identify and measure all relevant processes and configure them to be more efficient. Should there be any operational or project risks, we assess them systematically and ensure that they can be avoided. If you desire or are required to establish management systems, BOS GmbH & Co KG can introduce these for you and enable successful certification.

Strategic positioning

BOS GmbH & Co KG will help you secure the future of your company by means of sound analyses and concepts which yield results. With an experienced and professional team at our locations in Brunswick and Hamburg, we are always at your disposition, nationwide and internationally, wherever and whenever you need us.